Beaver Creek, Colorado

July 6, 2016

On my way out of Vail, I got to spend a day in Beaver Creek. This cute town has a great resort vibe and is great for families.

I spent my first day at a rodeo. A RODEO! This was my first one so I had no idea what to expect. My family and I got there nice and early (which wasn’t necessary because it wasn’t busy) but we got to walk around and take in the scene.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.39.36 AM
Rodeo Opening
There were tons of little tents full of bacon and brisket and root beer. The loop spread out around the arena.

The event started fairly quickly, and it started with a bucking horse. I wasn’t a fan of this because the horses looked dangerous and trapped.

The announcers at the event were TERRIBLE! There was a lot of time in-between each event, so the announcers kept talking and talking and talking about pointless things. Their banter was annoying, but there was nothing I could do, so I took it all in.

Some other events were capturing a calf (only one person caught it, all the rest failed so this was boring), barrel racing, and sheep racing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.40.22 AM
Barrel Racing
Barrel racing was my favorite event because I loved seeing the horses agility and speed on the course. The sheep racing on the other hand…this was hilarious! Parents sign up their kids to bear hug a sheep and to hold on for as long as they can. These kids were horrible, they always fell off right as they got on, AND there were about 50 kids so it stretched out forever. The funny part was, the sheep DID NOT want to go! The farmer had to pull the animals out of their cages and plop the kid on top of it. Poor Sheep!

The last event was bull riding. This was supposed to be the big moment everyone was waiting for. I was so excited because this was what rodeo was all about.

Boy was I let down.

It might have just been the cowboys that were competing, but the people fell off quickly and the bulls returned to their cages right after they launched the cowboy off.

It was a different experience, but it was good to see what rodeo was all about. I wouldn’t want to go again to the Beaver Creek Rodeo, but I’m not giving up on ALL rodeos! I definitely think a professional rodeo would be A LOT more entertaining than this! Maybe in the future I’ll try one out.

On my second day in Beaver Creek, I did a nice family hike. We went up Cinch trail, through Aspen Glade, up Corkscrew, and cut through Dally.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.24.05 AM

Cinch was a dirt path so it lacked the flowers and trees, but Aspen Glade made up for that. The path winded up the side of the mountain and the Aspen trees (where the trail’s name came from) were tall and looming! Aspen trees are so unique because their bark looks like eyes and their branches are thin and white.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.20.58 AM

When I went on Corkscrew, it was actually CLOSED! Trees have fallen everywhere and there was mud. It was a steep hike, but in the end I thought the risk was worth it and made the hike memorable.

After Corkscrew, we hiked up Dally which connected back to Cinch. From there, the hike was easy and had gorgeous views.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.41.10 AM
View From Cinch Trail
We took the gondola down, took an earned shower, and ate some dinner. We finished the night with s’mores and tea by the fire pit.

I would definitely recommend Beaver Creek to anyone who is in the area. The town is cute and the mountain is gorgeous! It is a great place to be active (hiking/skiing/etc) and is family friendly.

What are your thoughts on Beaver Creek? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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