Learning Bowspring Yoga

July 16, 2016

This week before coming home I was able to do some yoga! Instead of a traditional practice, I tried out a Bowspring class.

Bowspring yoga is a type of practice that is more “ninja style.” This means using powerful positions to align the body at center gravity and being athletic by using your muscles. Keeping energy throughout the body and practicing good posture is another focus in Bowspring.

Right outside Denver, there is a studio called Vital. Vital focuses more on Bowspring but offer all sorts of yoga. Learn more here.

I took a morning class and our teacher Dana welcomed us to our class.

One thing I immediately noticed was the way people were walking. Instead of striking with their heel, they landed on the ball of their foot. They call this the paw of their foot. This makes a lighter foot strike and a more ready position, like you’re about to pounce.

During the practice, our class wide intention was to be playful. Lots of people focus so much on being perfect, they forget to be mindful of the breathe and to have FUN. (I am one of those people). So, when you fall down out of a handstand, instead of getting frustrated, realize that over time the handstand will come and you can do it.

One main pose I learned was called ecstasy. This is where the pads of your fingers find the back of your head (towards the middle of the skull) with the elbows pressed towards the ears. It held there for more opening poses and for twisting. This allows the throat to stay open which makes room for bigger breathes. It also engages the butt and elongates the spine.

Posture is also very important in this practice.This is for making space in your back, leading to less back pains.

Another thing I learned was seed hands, globe hands, and spoon feet. All of these focus on keeping the elbows out and pushing the muscles in the socket for more stability. This can be incorporated to traditional yoga in mountain pose among others.

A lot of the class included handstands, balance, hopping from foot to foot, and pilates pulses. The hour flew by!

To wrap it up, Bowspring yoga is a great practice that I defiantly want to learn more about. I think it is perfect to mix up a normal routine and work different muscle groups.

Have you done Bowspring yoga before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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