Stonehenge, Lacock, and Bath Adventure

August 4, 2016

On my trip to England, I booked a day tour to Stonehenge. I wanted to see more of the country and this tour was a great opportunity to easily do so. The trip included visiting Lacock and Bath; two quaint towns.

I found this tour on and I will leave a link here. The price range is about £150 which seems like a lot, but I thought it was well worth it because it provides transportation, museum ticket fees, and takes 11 hours. Make sure your entire day is free before you book!

We decided to take the sunrise tour; I thought it would be prettiest with the sun and the biting morning air. This meant we had to be at our pick up place at 5:15am. It was an early morning with us, but because of jet lag/time zones, it wasn’t too bad.

We had to take a taxi to The Cumberland Hotel and then the bus promptly picked us up on time and we were soon on our way.

First destination: Stonehenge


The bus ride took 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Our tour guide Lucy gave us background knowledge about his mysterious monument beforehand which allowed me to understand Stonehenge more.

Our group was about 50 people, so we broke into groups roughly 23-25 people. The private access tour started at 7:30am, so each group got a half hour before our time went up.

I will warn you: bring a jacket! It is cold in the mornings!

We signed up for the “inner circle tour.” This allowed us to go off the paved path and stand right next to this rocks. We also got to see things people couldn’t see, like the spotted bluestone, the feathery moss, hammer marks, and the glittering rock (which reflects sunlight into your eyes).


After our half hour we got to walk around the paved ring, and from each spot and angle, the stones looked different.

This was my favorite part of the tour because these monuments have stood the test of time (over 5,000 years!!). What amazed me was the thought of Neolithic people carried 30-50 ton stones  with ropes and wooden sleds over mountains and rivers. It is truly amazing that even today we still don’t know WHY these people created it. It makes you think a lot in a good way!

I would recommend Stonehenge to anyone nearby it, even if it is just for a little bit! These stones are so amazing to marvel at!

Next Stop: Lacock Village

Ever watch Downton Abbey or the Harry Potter movies? This traditional village is a time capsule back in time! There is practically no modern technology, which is why it is a great place to film movies.

This town is on the way to Bath, so our tour stopped here for a nice breakfast at 10am. For £9 you can order a full english breakfast or smoked salmon plate. My dad and I got one each, and although it wasn’t the healthiest, after the cold of Stonehenge it was great to warm up again.

The village is extremely small and we walked around it in under the time given to us (60 minutes).  We got some Coco Chemistry chocolate hazelnut balls from the local chocolate lady (these are amazing go get yourself some chocolate!) and we peaked into the old church.

Right next to the church was Private Drive, the house Harry Potter grew up in with the Dursleys. It was hard to see and I didn’t recognize it at first, but it was really cool!


We also saw a cat!


Final Stop: Bath

45 minutes later we arrived in Bath, England. Our trip included tickets to the Roman Bath Museum. The line was really long, but a plus of the tour is you get to skip it and go right in!

This wasn’t my favorite museum; it was extremely crowded and noisy. There are free audio guides which is a nice addition, but this clogs up the small rooms.

But, this was super neat to see! There were gorgeous statues of Roman gods and goddesses and the details in each carving was amazing. The grand bath in the center was gorgeous, the water was emerald green and HOT!


You were not supposed to touch the water because the pool was lined in lead, but at the end there was a fountain specifically so you can try the water. It has a very sulfuric taste to it, and it almost feels like coppery blood is in your mouth (too gory?) but it was fun to try.

After that, we stopped in at the Gothic Bath Abbey.


The church is pretty inside and the glass stained windows depicted pictures of the bible. On each wall, they had history and art displays to read.


These are the two main things to do in Bath, so for the rest of time we walked though the streets and popped into coffee shops (you would not believe how many coffee shops there are!).

At 1:45pm, we boarded the bus to go back to London. One cool thing our bus driver Daniel did was take us by the Circus, a circle with apartments that are about £5 million EACH!


Next time (hopefully if I come back), I want to see the Jane Austen Museum. It was a couple miles away and I didn’t have any time!! But, I learned she wrote Sense and Sensibility and North-hanger Abbey so I will read those before I return!


We arrived back in London at 4:30-5pm, so we did have a couple more hours to enjoy the city. There are a couple destinations where they can drop you off, so pick one that you want to see/by your hotel.


If you are interested in Stonehenge and Bath (and even little Lacock) I would recommend this tour! It gives you great insight on historical events an gives you the pros of traveling in groups.

Bring a book and a neck pillow and you are set to go!!

Have you traveled to these places? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

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