Top 10 Essential Travel Items

August 29, 2016

Recently, I went traveling to London, Edinburgh, and Scotland this past summer. I was gone for 10 full days; which is a lot of time living out of my suitcase. I decided to make a list of items that are ESSENTIAL for travel. Seriously, these things make traveling so much easier!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any company I mention. The ones I recommend are ones I like, use, or are the cheapest out there. These are just my thoughts, opinions and products I think are useful! 🙂

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1. Selfie Stick

Don’t laugh. This is a serious item. Yes, selfie sticks are great ways to take photos that have good backgrounds, but they can also be used for protection. Selfie sticks can extend out 3-5 feet, so if anyone attacks you/messes with you, you can defend yourself. If you are out late one night and don’t feel safe, whip out the stick and walk around with it extended. People are not going to want to mess with you if you have a metal rod in your hands. If you absolutely feel too silly for a selfie stick, consider bringing an umbrella or cane. Unfortunately, not all things are safe anymore, so it is better to be prepared.

2. Cross Body bag

These purses are easy to carry around and very convenient. The straps link over your shoulders to fasten your belongs right on your side. This purses are harder to steal and can hold a lot of stuff. Instead of lugging around a enormous bag, try one of these to secure your stuff! (Buy the pictured one here)

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3. Comfy Shoes

Travel means walking. Walking uses feet. Feet need shoes. SO WEAR COMFY SHOES. I recommend gym shoes but if your too classy for that (tsk tsk) then try TOMS. TOMS are durable, cute shoes that come in all different colors and are easy to pack. They also support charity and help kids in Africa. Give them a try here!

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4. Neutral Jacket

Especially in Europe, bring a cute neutral jacket (black, brown, gray, jean or white). A lot of times, it is cold in some areas. Plus, you’ll look like a local! (Get the pictured one here)

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5. Whatsapp

This is a messaging, texting, and phone app that can be used on and off  wifi. If you don’t have an international data plan, than this is a good option for you because you can still connect with your family and friends and communicate.

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6. Headphones

Crying babies, screaming kids, loud people- avoid it all with a small pair of headphones. Listen to your French playlist or your travel soundtrack. Use them when you are on the train, subway, or bus; but make sure you stay alert!

7. Portable Chargers

If you have a long full day, it is hard to sit down and let your phone or camera charge for hours at a time. With a portable charger you can charge it the night before so you have backup battery if your phone dies. (Buy one here)

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8. Throw Away Wallet

This is also a safety tip. If you are caught in a sticky situation where someone is trying to rob you, to protect yourself have a throw away wallet. This is a wallet that has a few coins in it (so it jingles). When the person attacks you, grab this fake wallet and throw it away from you, as far as you can. RUN in the opposite direction. More often times than not, the crooks will go after the money rather than you.

9. Charcoal Pills

Have a bad stomach ache? Hungover? Having to go to the bathroom quiet often? Problem solved– take charcoal pills. These bad boys will soak up the toxins you ate and pull them right out. They work wonders. Get them on Amazon here.

10. Good Travel Companion

Who wants to go traveling all alone? Bring a friend or family member to make it more memorable and A LOT more fun! They will make the boring times good and the good times better.

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What do you bring when you go traveling? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram!

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