September 14, 2016

Writing is my passion. It is something I want to pursue in my life as a career, but a lot of my writing takes its form in journaling.

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Lots of people count words or minutes to quantify their writing. As long as I wrote that day, it was a success. The last thing you want is to make writing feel like a chore. When allow yourself freedom to write without judgement or criticism is when the best words emerge.

Journaling is the way I connect with my innermost self. It is a personal documentation of my life and my thoughts; and a way for me to recognize and release my pressing emotions. My diaries, past and present, are precious to me and whenever I flip through past entries, they are like fallen leaves of a tree.

I started keeping a journal seriously in 8th grade. But, from a young age wrote a lot. I keenly remember from when I was in second grade, I kept a green journal with a pink fabric clasp and I wrote in it everyday until it was completely full. Reading past journals fills me with utter nostalgia. Suppressing is futile, so the reminder of my past self makes me appreciate where I am in my life. It is also cool how you see the grand scheme of things work themselves out, and it me hope for the future.

The act of writing and filling pages with words comforts me. It doesn’t matter if I sit down angry, sad, or embarrassed, when I end my entry, I feel like a weight has been lifted.

So what do I write about?

I write a lot about what happens in my daily life; who I talked to, who made me laugh, etc. I especially love to write funny stories from school, like one time, in my chemistry class we were doing a lab using heat, and a group of boys put a plastic beaker on the hot plate instead of the glass cup. This resulted in a pile of melted goo and toxic carcinogens airborne and smoking throughout the classroom. After a lecture from our teacher, we thoroughly understood the dangers of melting plastic.

I also rant. A lot. Whenever I am angry, embarrassed, or sad, my handwriting becomes loopy and incomprehensible and LARGE. The waterfall of words flow right out of me and after a few pages of tear splattered lines and obnoxiously huge handwriting, I start to focus and calm down.

Art is also something I add in my journals. From sketches to photographs, sometimes adding in a picture will help the words flow more freely.

A little secret: a lot of my blog posts come from my journal! A lot of my book reviews, music recommendations, and travel posts were drafted/written in my journal. This blog is just a public documentation of my life and thoughts. My journal is full of everything from my life, from adventures to extremely personal matters.Writing helps me express myself and explore my journey through life. It’s essential to me.

HOW To Start Journaling

You might be wondering “I might want to start journaling, but where do I begin.” Here is my advice on getting yourself writing.

  1. Get a notebook that you love. It has a pretty quote or pattern, what ever floats your boats. But, picking a journal is important, because you’ll be friends for awhile.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-06-05-pmPersonally, I love journals from DesignWorks Ink because they are big and easy to write in AND they have beautiful designs. I get mine at Books A Million for $12. But definitely experiment with moleskins and what not; whatever is best for you!
  2. Get cool pens. Fun pens and pencils make writing a lot more fun. In my journals, I have tons of different colors and mediums I write with. I suggest flair pens or simple ballpoint pens because they are smooth and easy to write with.
  3. WRITE! Harder than it seems, but the secret is to just get started. Don’t know where to start? Write about what you did today and where you went. Write about anything at all.
  4. If you are struggling to write something, grab out your phones and go to Pinterest. Type in “journaling prompts” and thousands upon thousands of ideas will pop up.
  5. Write everyday! Create a habit and stick with it.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go too deep. This is your personal diary, talk about things you don’t normally think. It’s ok to be depressing or mean or animated. Your writing will find balance on its own, I promise. 🙂

Journaling has helped me become a better writer and a better person. Lots of people deal with exterior pressure in other forms such as running or music or painting; and I urge you to try and learn everything. I am a beginner artist but I practice watercolors on the weekends. What can you experiment with and grow? What is your creative outlet?

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