Treat Yo Self! 5 Things To Do For Yourself To Feel Instantly Better!

September 22, 2016

Sometimes I feel like the world is caving in on me. We all have bad days and they SUCK. But a wise person once told me, “The day isn’t over yet!”.

You have to ability to change your day and change your mindset. Looking positively in difficult situations is hard, so here are a few things that cheer me up when I am angry, sad, or stressed out.

1) Blanket in the dryer

Warm clothes and sheets are the best thing ever! The instant you wrap yourself in it (I suggest the burrito method) you will feel so cuddly and cozy! Snuggle up on your couch or in your bed and watch some TV, read a book, or do something you love. Sit back and relax; it is important to take some time for yourself in your busy life.

2)  Swim in Ocean/ Be in Nature

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.16.03 PM.png

I have the luxury of being near a beach. I can drive there in about 5 minutes and enjoy my time there. My favorite thing to do is jump in the ocean. I remember that this summer on a lazy day when I was home, I would work out early in the morning, then nap, cook and write in the afternoon, and finish the day go to the beach to swim.

It is hurricane season in Florida, so the waves are massive! It is so much fun to have the ways push you around, it makes you feel small and big at the same time and when I emerge from the waves I always have a new perspective.

I know most people can’t just hop in a car and easily go to the beach, but I do know that there is nature almost everywhere. Take a stroll at the nearest forest or hike a mountain trail. For the city folks, find a quiet park or a quieter neighborhood. Walking anywhere in general is an easy way to relax.

3) Bath Bombs

Showers and bath wash away all the sh** from the day. Quiet literally. I love showers, but something about a bath makes the pain of the day fade away. Dump some epsom salt in you tub, and if your really want to pump it up, add a bath bomb. It’s like having a party in the bathtub. Turn on some french music, put some cucumber and voila! You arise fresh and calm!

4) Impromptu Dance Party

These are the best; especially when you are home alone. I don’t know about you, but I own a CD player. I love collecting records of my favorite artists and albums. Another thing I do is make Spotify playlists for an emotion. I put songs that relate to it and then jam out. Check out my profile here on Spotify and let me know if you would want some themed playlists!

If you are struggling to find music to relate to your mood, here are some artists that are amazing!

Anger: NF, Pvris, All Time Low

Sadness/Hope: Bastille, Finish Ticket, The Wombats

Love: Train, Coldplay, 5 Seconds of Summer (Heartbreak anthems)

Empowerment: The Maine, Meghan Trainor

What kind of music do you listen to! Message me and let me know!

5) Hot Mug of Peppermint Tea 


Peppermint Tea is my go to drink. I drink at least 2 piping hot pots of it every day. It is my de-stressing drink. It is a good companion to homework and late study sessions and I couldn’t live without it. People’s relationship to coffee= my relationship with peppermint tea.

6) *BONUS* Do some Art!

At my school, I take Pottery. I have it in the middle of the day and my teacher has one rule; Everyday you are to touch clay. This year I learned how to do the wheel, and it took a lot of time and practice and frustration for me to actually make something on it! I am still getting better at it, but one thing I love is that is calms me down.

One time, in my last class I took a super hard test and I felt like I absolutely failed. I needed a good grade, so I was worried about my average and how I’m going to bring it up, yada yada yada. When I grabbed a ball of clay and worked on my new art piece, the worries emptied from my mind like clouds clearing a sky. The tactile feeling of the smooth, wet clay on my hands instantly relaxed me.

Another art form I am trying out is painting. With painting, which is really visual, I can either A) distract my mind or B) express my emotion whether it’s anger or happiness.

I recommend grabbing some cheap paints at your local craft store and experimenting. One thing to keep in mind is if you are a perfectionist, your art may annoy you in the beginning because it doesn’t fit your vision, but the more you paint the better it is.

I am a learning artist and despite the  pieces I’ve made that I don’t like, I keep in mind that I have my own qualities that add personality to my art and that every time I learn from my mistakes.


To sum it up, I sometimes feel annoyed or sad after a long day or bad day. These are some ways I cope with my building emotions. I do all these things, but the one I rely the most on is Journaling. I made an entire separate post for this and I would love if you could go check it out!

How do you deal with a sh** day? Let me know in the comments! And remember to follow my journey on Instagram! Thank you for reading!

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