Day 1: Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

September 24, 2016

I am in Los Angelous, CA! For the next three days, I’m at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena. It’s a health conference focused on biohacking and wellbeing. Bulletproof is run by Dave Asprey, who helps people biohacking their health and wellbeing. He is well know for his #1 ranked health podcast, go check out his amazing company!


The doors opened at 7am. I arrived around 7:30am and tons of people were already there; about 100 people were in front of us, and check in took forever! But, we were given Bulletproof’s specialty coffee and power bars.

After check in, I went to the Techno Labs. This is a HUGE room filled with cutting edge products and technology. I got to taste amazing food (and some gross supplements too, I sucked it up tho, it’s good for you!) try magnetic frequency devices, massage therapy, and virtual reality. Exploring all the cool things was so invigorating! As the day went on, it kept on getting busier and busier. I recommend signing up as early as you can for some biohacking experiments. Stay tuned for a later post on the exact stuff I got to do.


By 10am I listened to the last half of Bo Eason‘s talk “Executing Your Greatness Through Story”; he gave tips on presentation, generosity, and hard work. One thing that really stuck was me when he said “During football practice, I made sure I was the first one on the field and the last one to leave.” He also talked about his teammate, Jerry Rice, and had an awesome presentation filled with jokes and movement.

The next presentation was Biohacking Your Personal Health Code by Matt Riemann. His main driving point was that each person is different and that means each personal health program is different. It seemed to me he was mostly concerned with selling programs, and he also had a very monotone, un-energetic speech, so it was a bore to listen to.

For my lunch break, I ate at True Food a little walk away. They had great healthy options, I recommend their Spicy Panang Curry because it is so flavorful and unlike anything I have had! Maybe I’ll steal their recipe you you all…. 🙂

At 2, we came back and I got to try out this FREAKY virtual reality machine. It stimulates your mind and makes you feel like you were flying! They loaded you in a harness and headgear and off I was, flying!! Maybe one day I will actually fly with a hang glider, it’s awesome! My adrenaline kicked in but at the same time I was relaxed.


The last half of the day I took notes on lectures from Dr. Cate Shanahan who talked about Natural Heart disease; it made me feel like I was back in my biology class from last year (kinda boring but some nerdy jokes made it alright) and then we got a talk from the big guy himself, Dave Asprey! He talked about stem cell therapy, urine injections, rat tapeworm larva (crazy stuff) and light therapy. The place was packed so I sat on the floor! The day finished up with Kelly Starrett who is hilarious! His main point is to get up and MOVE! Walk around, have good posture, and have good sleep patterns!

After prizes were distributed and closing remarks were said, we were released and day 1 was officially over! I ate a quick dinner and am now at the hotel! I have an early day tomorrow!

I learned a lot today and I can’t wait to learn more from these intelligent, cutting edge people!


Have you been to the Bulletproof Conference? Are you into Biohacking? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for more content!




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