Day 2 & 3 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

September 27, 2016

This weekend I was ridiculously busy! Today I am bringing you what I did this past Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles, CA. I was at The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference learning about ways to improve my life and wellbeing. I learned so much and I am so thankful for this opportunity to grow and become the best human I can be!



I started the day with yoga at 6:30 am. It was limited to 75 people, but only 50 people showed up. Manduka provided mats, but I brought my own thankfully (they were super slippery!) and after an energizing and relaxing practice, we were given presents from Yuni and we were ready to start the day.

The first presenter was Neil Strauss’s talk on “Running a Virus Scan on Your Mental Operating System”. His main points was the most important quality to have us Humility. He discussed how childhood and growing up is programed into your mind and how to become aware of it to change it. His presentation was all over the place, but I enjoyed how he used a sketch pad to draw out connections and illustrate points.


Dave Asprey’s talk on “Hacking The Power of Light” came next. It was an hour long presentation, but I felt like it could have been summed up in 10 minutes. The main message was to go outside for at least 15 minutes a day and get sunlight.

Harry Adelson, a stem cell doctor, gave a talk about his practice, “Stem Cells: Here, Now, and How”. Stem cells are fascinating; there have been lots of studies and cases that show how they work and how he uses them at his clinic. I loved his talk because he had some jokes but kept it professional and was very passionate about his topic.

Tyna Moore’s talk on “Barbell’s and Stem Cells” went nicely after Harry’s talk. She talked about how she used to be skinny and unhealthy and her transition of strong, fit, and super healthy. It was really basic, but she owned the stage and showed off her badass side.

After the main lectures and lunch, we divided into breakout sessions. I went to Kelly Starrett’s were I learned about body alignment. The cool thing about his talk was it was active; we were squatting, jumping, standing; we moved the seats out to the hallway first thing. The main thing I took home was good posture and to move/stand more. He also talked about a standing desk, which is something that I may want to have since I use my desk a lot at home.

Next up: John Gray “Hacking Your Relationships for Increased Energy and Hormonal Balance.” John is the grandpa everyone loves and has in their family. He is funny, tells you how it is, full of stories and energy, and has no filter. His book, “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” was given to us in bags for free at the start of the convention and his new book is coming out early next year. He mixed in a lot of sexual humor, and it mainly applied to married coupled. I felt like he talked mainly about the male point of view and I wished he would’ve talked about females. He was animated and talked about the point systems and how men can score points and keep their wives happy. It was extremely entertaining and we were all laughing, jumping, and hugging people around us. It was…memorable.

Leanne Venir, an engineer turned artists, gave a presentation on “From Photons to Biophotons to Flow: The Power of Color and Light for a Bulletproof Body and Brain.” Her whole talk is summed up in that title. What I found interesting was how she was an engineer, hated it, moved to Florence, Italy and became an artist. After that, I wanted to fall asleep. Her slideshow was unorganized and I felt like she rambled about colors and lights on and on. I do like her art though.

Day 2 ended with Dave Asprey handing out prizes and promoting Bulletproof Coffee. There was a local actor who is a Bulletproof ambassador that came on stage, and his 5 minute speech was embarrassing- he sounded extremely endorsed and talked about “Bulletproof this” and “Bulletproof that”, it sounded sponsored and I wished he would have walked off stage.


The final day! Sunday I was exhausted from the minimum amount of sleep but I was ready to focus and learn new things.

Our first speaker, Jim Kwik on Accelerated Learning was my favorite talk of the weekend. He was full of energy and emotion, he loved what he was talking about. His topic is one I am interested in; Memory and Learning. He did some awesome activities with the people around us, like becoming superhero and spreading smiles, hugs, and high fives. He walked us through a memory palace and acronyms to remember learning techniques. Here are the top things I learned from him and what I found interesting.

  • information + emotion = long term memory
  • 80% if success is just showing up
  • what you seek is also seeking you
  • 4 keys to learning anything faster are Forget, Active, State, Teach (FAST)
  • dabbling vs mastery
  • multitasking is a myth
  • reasons reap results
  • if knowledge is power, learning is superpower

I loved this talk and am so interested in this topic of brain function, memory, and learning. If you are interested in it too, connect with me and check out his website here.

Next up: Gerald Pollack on “The Fourth Phase of Water: Implications for Health.” I actually had the privilege to sit next to him in the last talk. I was thinking to myself, “Oh my god Michelle, you are sitting next to a genius!” I found his talk interesting, but his presentation and voice tones were very boring. It transported me back to 9th Grade biology  with my boring teacher droning about water and cells. Dr. Gerald’s main point is that there is a fourth phase of water, between ice and liquid, called EZ phase, which is gel like water. If you are interested in his research, his book delves deeper in this topic so go check it out!

Kristen Comella’s talk on “Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Medicine is Here” was basically recapping stem cells. This was the third or fourth talk I’ve heard on stem cells, so the intro was the same. Her talk was basically success stories and testimonials of how stem cells can heal the so called “un-healable”. One story that stuck with me was how a young man had a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. He wanted to kill himself and tried stem cells as a last resort. 8 stem cell injections later, he regained feeling of his legs and could walk with support. It reminded me of the book, Me Before You and the video they showed in the presentation made me cry.

After lunch, I reported back to Dr. Tami Meraglia’s talk on “How and Why Hormones Affect Everything”. Her talk was informative and her presentational skills were dry, but she talked about types of hormones and how to balance them. I liked how at the end she talked about meditation as a necessity, like brushing your teeth. Meditation is something I want to incorporate in my life so I can de-stress, relax, and become more mindful.

Mike Hoban’s talk on “Warm Up’s and Beyond” was pretty good. The hour turned into people coming on stage and getting pain relieved through activation. The three most important parts of the body for warm ups are the psoas, gluten, and hamstring. It was cool to watch people come off the stage feeling better than they did when they went up there. It was hands on and informal; I liked that.


The last talk I went to was Mattias Ribbing on “Upgrading Memory and Learning Techniques for You and Your Kids”. This was my second favorite talk, probably because it is something I am interested in. Mattias is from Sweden and he competes in official learning competing. His main point is to learn through visualization. Because everyone sees and thinks in images, when reading or learning new material, assign an object to the topic and store it like folders.  My favorite part of his talk was when he discussed Speed Learning New Languages. I have been following polyglot Benny Lewis’s language hacks for years. I take Spanish at school, but I cannot speak the languages. Using what I learned from these awesome people, hopefully I can fluently speak Spanish sooner than ever. Here are his main points:

  • learn 50 words a day for 2 weeks and attach to images, by the end you will be able to learn faster and read simple books in target language
  • learn the 2,000 most commonly used words to understand more than 80% of the language
  • use fun materials like music and tv to learn faster, incorporating emotion
  • use two images for a word, combing the meaning and a pronunciation clue

I left the convention early to check out some cool areas in LA (stay tuned)  but I had an amazing time learning awesome biohacking skills! I hope to come back in the future and to continue my education what I love to do.

Do you drink Bulletproof Coffee? Have you been to this convention or to a conference like it? Talk to me in the comments and follow my journey on Instagram!


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