BulletProof Labs: What To Do in the Tech Area

September 29, 2016


I recently attended The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in LA. I was there for three days, (see my day 1 and day 2&3 posts) and learned so much. At the conference, there was an area full of cutting edge technology and biohacks you can try out. Here are the top 10 things I tried and how they can help you biohack your body!

  • Infrared Sauna

Saunas are great for recovery and healing. I got to try it out and when I emerged I was a little sweaty, but rejuvenated. Infrared wave lengths help decrease inflammation, detoxing the body by flushing out toxins, increasing mitochondria density, structure water, and bring more oxygen into the body.

  • Stand Desk

These are awesome for work and school. They increase brain activity, blood flow, and help you burn more calories throughout the day. I wish they had theses at my school because I get so tired of sitting down in cold classrooms. This would be a great way to move around and stay engaged.

  • Food With Benefits with Joy Coelho and Jay Denman

This booth made healthy food that is good for you. They made homemade marshmallows and cake pops; all from good ingredients. No GMO, Gluten, Diary, and Sugar; and they still taste amazing. Joy and Jay are amazing, kind people who care about their customers. I bought their cookbook and I can’t wait to try out new recipes!

  • Aline

I got to try this out and I learned a lot about my feet. Aline is a company that look at your feet, ankle, and knee alignment and see where you can improve on. Sandals and flip-flops are terrible for your arches, and I learned I need to re-aline my right foot due to a tight left hip. Fortunately, I was able to get a pair of soles they sold so I can work on correcting my feet. Now that I’ve been wearing them for a few days, I can definitely feel the padding in my arch. In a few weeks I’ll be able to see a bigger difference.

  • Primal Kitchen

I have been using Primal Kitchen’s products in my kitchen for a long time. I love how they make healthy avocado mayo that tastes good! I make my deviled eggs out of them. They also have great protein powders that are good in smoothies. I can’t wait to revisit their healthy products and incorporate some of their stuff into my recipes.

  • Neufit

This is basically a marc pro on steroids. By tearing down muscle fibers, it rebuild the muscle to make it stronger and realign properly. I got my left shoulder looked at, and after some painful massaging I was hooked on the machine. It felt like my shoulder was being ripped off of by body, in a good way. It pulled my arm inward, towards my core, and vibrated it. Then, I had to do shoulder rolls and arm lifts. They were painful, I’m not gonna lie, and I was happy to get the machine off me. But now, a few days later, a lot of my shoulder pain has been alleviated.

  • Irlen

Ever read a book and your eyes become unfocused and watery? I took a test to see how light affects my eyes. I am not so bothered by fluorescent light when reading, but what I make eye contact with people, my eyes can start to become fuzzy. Irlen is a company that helps kids with dyslexia, ADHD, and helping people focus in general. With a quick test, I found out that reading with light blue or green paper is easier on my eyes. When they were testing me, they swapped color after color, and once they removed the last color to reveal the white paper, it was blindingly bright. It was very interesting to see how the eye works and what works best for me. It would be cool if on the kindle you could change the background color to more than just black and white…blue, green, pink, etc. Amazon get on it!

  • Mindset


As mentioned briefly in my Day 1 post, I was able to mimic a flying experience by using mindset, a virtual reality that uses wind, technology, and harnesses to make you feel like your flying when actuality, you are hanging in a strap. By using arm gestures, you could move faster, slower, and side to side. For 10 minutes I flew through virtual skies; it was a little freaky but awesome! I would totally do it again!

  • SuperCharged

Humans are batteries and we need to be charged. To do this, I got hooked up to a machine, held an electromagnetic bulb, placed by bare feet on a special plate, and got recharged for 15 minutes. This machine boots your mitochondria and helps heal small ailments. It was really cool, and it didn’t hurt if your wondering.

  • Neuroptimal

Meditate much? For 20 minutes, electrodes were pasted on my head and ears, I listened to relaxing music, and got my brain waves tracked. I got to lay down and go into a meditative sleep. The music they played was nice, but one aggravating thing was the music would skip, like a scratchy record. They did this on purpose, and this minor sound drove me bananas! Eventually, it subsided, but it was still there. Towards the end, I felt like I was asleep, but when the lady tapped me on the shoulder, I was wide awake. Super weird feeling, and throughout the day I felt relaxed yet energized.


I got to do some awesome things at  the Bulletproof Biohacking conference and I am so happy I had the opportunity.

Have you ever tried these devices? What do you think? Connect with me in the comments and on Instagram!

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