5 Things To Do in Orlando, Florida

October 14, 2016

Recently, I’ve been spending my last couple weekends in Orlando, Florida. I went to Meghan Trainor’s and Charlie Puth’s concert, but besides music there are tons of things to do! I decided to make a list of things I enjoy doing when I am in Orlando! Enjoy!Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 8.43.03 PM.png


  • Theme Parks

Obviously self explanatory. Orlando is known for its amusement parks, especially Disney and Universal. If you have a day to kill definitely pick a park to spend the day there.


  • Shopping at the Millennium Mall

This is a gigantic mall full of shops upon shops. There is an awesome H&M, Teavana, Abercrombie, Papyris, Kate Spade, and other department store.

  • Ikea

This is right near the Millennium Mall. Like, literally across the street. In the need of Swedish furniture? Want to explore a maze of bedding and bookshelf? COME HERE! But beware, it is a time hole. You will be debating on either getting a suede couch or a patterned print when you realize, “I don’t even have a place for this in my house!”

  • Pointe Orlando

Full of restaurants and shopping, this is a cute hangout area. If you come here, please go to Taverna Opa on a Saturday night (preferably) at around 8pm. It is party time full of Spanish club music and greek dancers. Order the hummus and the flaming cheese and you are set for a night of fun!

  • Disney Springs or Universal City Walk

These places are great hangout spaces with good food, shopping, and entertainment. They are connected with the franchise Disney/Universal (obviously) but they are FREE and have cute themed stores. I actually like Disney Springs better because they got a new shopping area with Zara and Sephora. 🙂


What do you like to do in Orlando? Thank you everyone who reads my blog! I am at 600 hits! So closed to 1,000 it’s crazy! I love blogging and writing and I am so happy to have an amazing community. Stay tuned for some more awesome content and I will write again soon. Love you all! <3

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