Venice Beach, CA

October 23, 2016

Whenever I think Venice Beach, I automatically think of Katy Perry’s California Girls lyric “Venice beach, and palm springs.” When I was in California last month for the Bulletproof Conference, on my last day I was able to check out this quaint area.

I got to experience my first dramatic beach sunset. The mountains jutted into the coast and the ocean was a dark blue. There were sail boats floating in the vast sea and it was gorgeous. I love sunsets because every time it is different.

I also checked out the skate park area. It was an informal show. There was a cute little girl, around 10 years old or so, who was showing off her skate skills. You go girl! Girl power!


Muscle beach was also cool. The machines glistened in the last remaining minutes of sunlight. There was hot yoga studios and other gyms scattered around the central location. A basketball court was nearby and a bunch of people were playing an intense game.

Venice is very touristy, so keep that in mind. There is a lot of tacky shops that are fun to pop into. Of course, I checked out a small quant bookshop that was hot and smelled funny, but had rows and rows of books. I love little book stores.


One thing to be aware about is Venice beach can be a little sketchy. When I was there I saw a clown…and other scary looking people. Just be aware and keep your eyes open. Another thing to keep in mind is marajuana is legal in California so pot is easily accessible.  I made sure to stay clear of the stores that sold it, but just so you know there are lots of stores in Venice that have it.

I ate dinner at Erewhon, a natural and healthy supermarket that has hot food available. It is yummy and quick. It’s comparable to Whole Foods, so go eat some healthy food!

I enjoyed my time checking out Venice, but once was enough for me. Have you been to Venice? What do you think?

Stay tuned for more content! Let me know what you want more of; more travel posts? More food? Thanks for reading!

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