October Reading Wrap Up

November 3, 2016

I had a good reading month this October. I am only 5 books shy of reaching my reading goal for the year (which is 52 books).

Just Listen

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I got this book on a bargain sale rack at Books a Million. This was my first Sarah Dessen book  and I read in in under 3 days. I was in the mood for a contemporary and this seemed to fit the need. Even though I read it relatively fast, I was waiting for a good ending an I felt disappointed at the end because it felt like a blanket ending. I did enjoy reading about the sister’s relationship and how Annabel and Owen became friends.


I felt like Annabel’s background of being taken advantage of by a boy at a party was downplayed throughout the book and then brought up towards the end. I would have liked to see more character development, especially when the author is writing about a strong topic. I also wish Owen had better music taste but oh well :/

The Thousandth Floor


I fell in love with this book, it is a guilty pleasure. It is fast paced, interesting, futuristic, and the character plots are addicting. It follow 5 characters; Leda, Eris, Rylin, Watt, and Avery. Their lives intertwine flawlessly and it is amazing how the author creates such fluency. It reminds me of Gossip Girl in a way with all the drama. Although some of the scenarios are cliche, it doesn’t make them any less tense!


I can’t believe Eris is the one who get’s pushed off the top of the building! I didn’t like Leda from the start, she seemed like a bitch and I couldn’t trust her, especially when she got back into taking drugs. On the other hand, I LOVED Watt, the talented hacker with an illegal supercomputer in his brain. I found him funny and I enjoyed having a male voice mixed in with four other girls. I warmed up the Rylin towards the end, and I really wish her and Cole would work things out! They were so cute to read. I wasn’t a big fan of Atlas and Avery together, for one thing it’s weird (even though its her stepbrother) and secondly I felt like the relationship needed to be developed more so the reader can connect with the relationship more. Anyways,  the cliffhanger at the end is killing me! I need the next book ASAP so I can see what  Mariel is going to do!

The Once and Future King: The Sword in the Stone


I read this book for my English class at school. Since this book is divided into four parts, we only read the first part, but we will read the rest of the book later this year.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a challenging text, so I am counting this as my monthly classic. I love little Wart, the main character. He is so naive and innocent and has a hard future up ahead of him when he becomes King Arthur.

Merlyn was also an interesting character with eccentric behaviors and magical powers. When I learned that he lives backwards through time, it was really mind boggling. It makes sense from afar, but when you turn it over in your head all night long (like me) it actually doesn’t make sense. Such a weird dynamic added to the book but also really interesting.

I also enjoyed how each little adventure represented something greater as a whole. The tyrannical fish, the communist ants, and the socialist geese had great symbolism and lead to discussions in class that were fun.

If you enjoy fantasy and are a fan of The Hobbit, I would check this book out, especially if you are an advanced reader looking for a challenge!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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This was my second time reading this book. I fell in love the first time, and I re-fell in love again. The world is so cool and it seems like something that would actually happen in 2044.

If your a major geek/well versed in 80s pop culture, you probably understand all the references. Me on the other hand, probably only got a couple (I’m working on it!). But that is what makes the book so interesting, you don’t have to know about the 80s or really any classic video games because the writing style is fluent, hilarious, and awesome.

It is a badass story following Wade Watts. Everyonee lives inside the world of video games on the Oasis console. There is a huge hunt to find Halliday’s egg in order to win the prize money. Wade is such a cute, genuine, and geeky guy. I fell in love with him; even though he really irked me at times.

The PLOT TWIST is spontaneous and awesticking. While reading it, I found loads of foreshadowing. This is probably one of my favorite books of all time and I know when I read it again and again and again I will love it even more. I cannot express to you how much I love this book; it is my universe {sending virtual hugs to Ernest Cline}

Wolf By Wolf


This book took me awhile to get into and it took me about two weeks to finish it, but once I reached the halfway point, the ball got rolling and I finished quickly. I have never read anything like this, World War 2 gone wrong. It was super unique  and I liked reading about the badass character Yael and her backstory. This book is set in the Third Reich, when Hitler wins the war and takes over. Every year, there is a motorcycle race and the winner gets to meet Hitler. Yael’s mission is to win the race and kill him. I liked the book, but I am still debating if I want to read the sequel which comes out soon (maybe this month even!!) so we will see 🙂


The ending had me spooked. I totally thought she killed the actual Hitler, but it actually was one of his soldiers/camouflaged guard. I also ship Adele and Luka, even though Yael is disguised as Adele. I also enjoyed the brotherly love from Felix. All warm and cuddly.


What did you read this month? Let me know in the comments! Whats your blog name? Leave a link and I’ll check it out! Also, if you liked this article, check out what I read last month! Thanks for reading and I’ll tune in soon 🙂


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