Concert: NF Therapy Session Tour

November 10, 2016

Hey there everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile; I’ve been extremely busy with school and practice and I am happy to be able to write to you all today 🙂


Last week I went to a concert at a local venue; I saw the NF Therapy Session Tour. I started listening to them when I first got my ticket and I was pleasantly surprised. The singer, Nate, is a Christian rapper who has struggled with his life. He had a troubled childhood with an abusive father and a depressed mother (who kills herself when he is a teen). He deals with his emotions and his obstacles through song, and he writes his own lyrics. His music is angry and dark but the moodiness doesn’t take away from its beauty.

I don’t listen to a lot of rap, but trust me on this; go listen to NF. He is an amazing rapper and his emotion is so raw. I’ll leave a Spotify link here if you want to hear my favorite songs!

The opening band was Fleurie. She has a high voice but has a strong voice. I didn’t know her original songs, but she covered Fix You by Coldplay and she did a wonderful job. She was touring with NF because she is featured in the song Mansion and that was fortunate for me because I am a huge fan of the song!

NF came out at 9pm. He came out in a grey hoodie and started rapping really fast and really good. His face was shrouded by the jacket, but after the opening song, he took it off.

From one look, you can tell his music matches his personality. He wears his music and his past on his sleeve and is unashamed of it, passionate in what he believes in.  It’s brave and I respect it.

One haunting memory of the concert was when he sang, “Why Would You Leave Us?” which is a song dedicated to his mom. During the song, towards the end, he crouched down and started crying. The audience could hear the sniffling and the cracking of the voice. I’m not sure if this was part of the background sound or if he actually broke down; I think it was a mix of both, but this song really brought out the whole message and meaning behind his music.

On a lighter note, since we were at a small venue, we were able to do some interactive games. During the song “Grindin'” he split the audience in half (we were all standing up) and we had to sing “hey” back to him as loud as we could. One side was out of rhythm, so he stopped the drummer and told us that we need to learn some rhythm. He was charming on stage, cracking jokes and talking to the fans at the front. When it was time to decide which side won, he said, “I don’t believe everyone is a winner, so I got to pick the right side. But I still love you left side” For the record, that was my side.

I had a really good time, but I was still waiting for the moment where I lost myself in the crowd and in the music. During some of my favorite songs, that feeling came, but otherwise I was just enjoying the concert.

He had a one song encore, and then it was over. Even though it was only 10pm, I felt like it was a long concert (probably because it was a school night…oops)


Are you an NF fan? What’s your favorite song? Check out my Instagram for some footage from the live concert! Chat with me in the comments


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