Yellowcard The Final World Tour

November 21, 2016

This past weekend I had to opportunity to see a band I fell in love with; Yellowcard. Many of you know of this band from their hit single in the 2000’s “Ocean Avenue”. They released their final album in September, marking their tenth studio album.

Yellowcard plays some awesome uplifting songs that are catchy as hell and are super relatable. I’ll leave a Spotify link here if you want to check out my favorite songs.


I went with my friend and we waited in line for forty minutes or so. There was a super nice lady in front of us who said she went to high school with them and knew them in band class! I thought that was super cool, a fan from day one has been following the band for twenty years.

The merchandise line was long and unorganized, but I got a t-shirt so that in twenty years I can remember the concert. This is their Final World tour, the last one they are doing before they retire and continue on with their lives. The bittersweet death of band.

The opening acts Dry Jacket and Like Torches performed a couple songs each. Dry Jacket in my opinion, was a little dry (hehe) on stage, but Like Torches had me instantly hooked. They are a band from Stockholm, Sweden and the lead singer was a blonde cutie who had a great voice. They played normal rock and roll, but with some screaming. It was like a clash of Bring Me the Horizon and State Champs.


At 9:45pm, Yellowcard came out on stage and opened with Believe. By the third song, Five Becomes Four, a big mosh pit was forming and my friend and I clung to each other in the crazy madness. At one point, there was a crazy tall drunk asshole who stood right in front of us and if there is any chance he is reading this, I just want to say FU!

There was also a really cute couple who ended up in front of me at one point, and they would sing and sneak looks at each other. They did kiss a lot, which was awkward because I was trying to film some stuff, but it was still cute of them. The girl was taller than the boy which only makes it better. <3

My favorite song of the night was Lift A Sail. They played it halfway through and the vibe was incredible. I also enjoyed Sing for Me, Hang You Up, Empty Apartment, and Breathing.


One thing I love about Yellowcard is their violinist, Sean Mackin, is amazing. He has a gift from God. I could listen to him play the violin until the end of time and it still wouldn’t be enough. But how cool is it to be a violinist in a rock band?

Overall, the band has an energetic persona on stage and came off genuine and excited to be on stage. The encore included Only One and Ocean Avenue, but before they broke out into the last song of the night, they prefaced it with a sad goodbye and a thank you to all Yellowcard Fans everywhere.

This was an amazing concert experience and I urge you to get tickets while you can! This could be the last time you could have the chance to see this amazing band perform live (until the reunion lol).

What are you favorite Yellowcard songs? Did you see them in concert? Chat with me in the comments!

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Thanks for reading!

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