A Day at Phillips Island, Australia

January 24, 2017

Phillip Island is a beautiful, tranquil island just south of Melbourne. It is home to lots of wildlife and protects the animals and their homes. A calm ocean breeze sweeps through the air and cute little shops dot the streets. I spent one afternoon in this mini paradise to experience wildlife adventures and to see the natural beauty. I did two things there; an eco boat tour where I saw seals and rock formations and I also saw the penguin parade where I got to interact with little penguins and watch them come home at the end of the day. I enjoyed my time here and think it is a great day trip for people visiting Melbourne.

Boat Ecotour

Right on the small beaches in the middle of the little town is where all the boats are located. I booked my tour online and you can do the same here.

The boat was medium sized, but I had plenty of room because only a few families were aboard. We cruised at 20km while the conductor rambled about the landscape around us,

When we reached “The Seal Rock”, the stench of wet seal hit me smack in the face. Hundred of seals slept on the rocks or played in the water. It was so cute, all the seals yelped and splashed water, swimming right up to the boat. I would have loved to go swimming with them, they seemed like so much fun! It is amazing to observe wildlife right up close, I would totally recommend spending the afternoon with the seals.

Penguin Parade

Later that evening, at around 8pm, we drove to the location of the Penguin Parade. It it imperative to buy tickets beforehand because they sell out incredibly quick.  Get tickets and information here. There must have been around 3,000 people there, sitting in the stands right by the beach.

The Penguin parade is when at the end of each night, small penguins return from their day of fishing back to their burrows. Hundreds of penguins come up from the ocean and waddle in groups on the beach to their homes.

I recommend to first of all, come later, after 8:30pm is probably the best time. Then, start on the board walk. Here you can see the penguins up close as they get ready for the night. Lots of them waddle together and if you’re lucky, you’ll probably see some poop. Then, after you have encounter tons of penguins going to their burrows, head down to the beac as close as you can to the water. Most people will have already started leaving so it it easy to get down there. Also, you can have a better view of the penguins making their way to the shore.



Overall, a day at Phillip Island was a great way to see wildlife and experience the outdoors. I definitely make time for the Penguin Parade because it is such a natural phenomenon and is unique to the area; you will not want to miss it!

Have you visited Phillip Island? Did you see any seals or penguins? Chat with me in the comments and thanks for reading!!

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